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Top 5 Funkiest Breakdowns Top 5 Funkiest Breakdowns
March 22 2010, 3:59 pm

James Brown - Superbad

James Brown born James Joseph Brown JR. was born May 3, 1933 and deceased on December 25, 2006.  James Brown was an amazing American singer and entertainer.  Be referred to as "The Godfather of Soul" it's obvious if you've heard any of his music as to why he's number 1.

Boney M - Gotta Go Home

The group being formed in 1975 in West Germany.& ... Like this? Continue reading...

10 Hottest Female Celebrity Stoners 10 Hottest Female Celebrity Stoners
March 18 2010, 7:53 pm


4-20 not being to far away we wanted to do some research on who some of the hottest women around that are still smoking buds all day.  Here is a list of the 10 hottest celebrity female stoners!

1. Megan Fox

While being interviewed twice she has mentioned that she is all for the legalization of marijuana ... Like this? Continue reading...

8 Things You Did Not Know About Megan Fox 8 Things You Did Not Know About Megan Fox
December 21 2009, 3:44 am

A sexy and talented actress, Megan Fox seems to have it all going for her in Hollywood. But like all of the celebrities sharing the glaring spotlight, Megan has a few tidbits in her past that make her especially interesting to her already adoring fans.

Megan Fox Isn’t a Man
If you happen to believe rumors, you might have heard that Megan is, in fact, a man. The rumor’s been proven false many times over, and you can now revert back to your fa ... Like this? Continue reading...

8 Men to Keep Us Warm This Winter 8 Men to Keep Us Warm This Winter
December 9 2009, 3:20 am

Baby, it's cold outside and the cold weather makes us think of hot delicious things - hot chocolate, warm baked treats, and of course some deliciously good looking men. We have our roaring fire and chocolate. Now we need only find the perfect man to keep the cold away - and of these eight will do just fine!

David Beckam

The US most certainly welcomed this good-looking Brit to the United States with open arms, and there are many arms still waiting to hold and squeez ... Like this? Continue reading...

6 Embarrassing Celebrities 6 Embarrassing Celebrities
December 2 2009, 4:19 am

We’re not a nation chock full of upstanding citizens by any stretch, but sometimes you just want to hide when you realize that the rest of the world is watching our celebrities as proof of just how outrageous we can be. In fact, being from the same country as some of these celebs is just plain embarrassing. From horrible plastic surgery to that vague clueless quality that makes you wonder just how she got so far and made so much money, we find ourselves shaking our heads in shame.

< ...
Like this? Continue reading...

6 Giant Personalities in Hollywood 6 Giant Personalities in Hollywood
November 25 2009, 3:08 am

There are some stars that you just look at and know immediately that there is a lot there. This is the guy that will be a star for just being who he is and those large personalities make us laugh or make us cringe. Happy, goofy, frightening or intense, whatever the star projects we just want more of it. Here’s to the biggest personalities in Hollywood.

Chris Farley

Not only a big personality, but a big guy as well. Chris is famous for his ... Like this? Continue reading...

9 Celebrities You Do Not Bring Home to Dad 9 Celebrities You Do Not Bring Home to Dad
November 18 2009, 4:35 am

Every girl loves a bad boy, but these guys are so over the top you'd never want to bring them home to Daddy.

Charlie Sheen

A notorious bad boy in the entertainment industry, Charlie’s gained a reputation for marital problems, a very bad experience with drugs, and even an accidental shooting. A terrific actor, Charlie is still best known for an incident in 1998. On May 20th, of 1998, Charlie Sheen experimented with injecting cocaine and accidentally gave himse ... Like this? Continue reading...

6 Favorite Bad Girls of Hollywood 6 Favorite Bad Girls of Hollywood
November 11 2009, 4:41 am

Every boy likes a naughty girl. Not only are the girls fun to read about with their antics and crazy behavior, it let's imagine for a moment that we are free to be as wild as these girls are (or used to be.)

Marilyn Monroe

Famous for her sexuality in a time when other women were wrapped up in aprons and strands of pearls, the nation was fascinated with Ms. Monroe’s antics both on stage and off.


Shannon Dougherty

Can a ... Like this? Continue reading...

6 Celebrities We Should Be Thankful For 6 Celebrities We Should Be Thankful For
November 4 2009, 1:39 am

The bountiful harvests of fall are upon us, and we have a rather bountiful crop of celebs worthy of our praise and thanks.

Julia Roberts

For giving us a golden girl who has never done anything wrong or said a cross word. You’re beautiful, classy, apparently a great mum since your kids are smattered all over the papers and just seem like someone worthy of a relaxed evening at home.


Angelina Jolie

Thanks ... Like this? Continue reading...

7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups 7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups
October 28 2009, 3:22 am

It’s a freaky and wonderful time of year. Halloween is a fun event for children and adults and while we’re all fans of horror movies, some celebs just seem to be in the spirit of the Halloween events almost year-round. From hot werewolves to Mommy Dearest, here are seven celebrities perfect poster children for Halloween.


Tim Burton

Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without some of Tim Burton’s darker films. The Nightmare before Chr ... Like this? Continue reading...

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