7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups

Posted on 28th October 2009 03:22AM

It’s a freaky and wonderful time of year. Halloween is a fun event for children and adults and while we’re all fans of horror movies, some celebs just seem to be in the spirit of the Halloween events almost year-round. From hot werewolves to Mommy Dearest, here are seven celebrities perfect poster children for Halloween.


7 Celebs Perfect for Halloween

Tim Burton

Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without some of Tim Burton’s darker films. The Nightmare before Christmas, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands are classy Halloween favorites that are fun for the whole family – and you get a nice taste of a man’s creative, if dark, imagination.


7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups

James Pattinson

Vampires for Halloween anyone? There aren’t many vampires more popular or attractive than Edward Cullen, and James Pattinson can certainly play the part to perfection. He might be a “vegetarian” vampire, but he’s still a vampire and that’s ideal for this Halloween entertainment at least.


7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups

Taylor Lautner

It wouldn’t be fair to put the vampires on the list and leave off the werewolves. Taylor Lautner is finally getting his turn in the spotlight starting November 20 when New Moon is released. In the meantime, we can just watch the trailer over and over again to prepare this Halloween for a pack of (hot) werewolves.


7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups

Paris Hilton

It’s not entirely clear why, but Paris Hilton just seems to fit the mold of creepy Halloween celebrities perfectly. She’s aloof and seems to hide a great deal of her life. She’s left her old friends behind to happy wedded and maternal bliss and now she’s just a bit freaky in her actions and dealings. Plus all of her movies have made us cringe thus far. 


7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups

Jack Nicholson

The star of more than a few freaky films, Jack Nicholson just looks like someone who might lose it any moment. The Shining, Batman and Wolf are just a handful of titles out there that show Nicholson at his most frightening. No matter how evil he’s supposed to be, he plays the part perfectly.


7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman can pull on that Wolverine costume anytime he wants as far as we’re concerned. He always looks dressed up and is most certainly attractive about it. Now that we’ve seen Wolverine/Logan go through his entire transformation through all of the X-Men movies, Hugh’s even more welcome at any Halloween party we’re going to frequent this year.


7 Celebrity Halloween Pin Ups

Joan Crawford

One of the freakiest movies you never thought would mess with you is Mommy Dearest. The (alleged) story of Joan Crawford’s abusive treatment of her adopted children is shocking and totally disturbing. To see a cultural icon depicted the way Joan is depicted in the movie is chilling – and that’s perfect for Halloween as far as we’re concerned.

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